Panasonic has been our best selling system for many years, Its easy to understand why as they are without doubt the most reliable, easy to use systems we have ever installed.  
Panasonic NS700 
We love this Panasonic system. In terms of features and functions it can do almost anything a customer ask of it. It has built in voicemail, auto attendant, call queuing as well as many other advanced features. 
The KX-NS700 supports a multitude of different types of phones, including, its own range of digital and IP phones, Sip phones and wide area dect phones, as well as analogue phones including basic phones, dect and fax. These can all be deployed in any combination on the same hybrid system. For staff working from home, it can use IP phones with the same functionality as the office phones. A mobile and desktop app is available which can ring at the same time as your desk phone, great when you are out of the office. This is useful for any businesses that needs great flexibility out of their phone system. 
The NS700 has 6 built in extensions but can be scaled up to a maximum of 288 extensions, using all three expansion units. Support for SIP trunking means the NS700 can connect to phones in remote offices via an IP connection, with no additional charges and no need to deploy another PBX. 
The NS700 is easy to install and maintain, it’s a cost-effective legacy and IP communication system. 
Give Mark a call for friendly expert advice. 
Panasonic TDE100 and TDE200 
The KX-TDE100/20O Pure IP PBX is an advanced corporate communication system providing IP telephony features and functionalists over both local and broadband IP networks along with analogue and digital/IP extensions. It supports ISDN 2 and 30 as well as analogue and Sip lines. 
Its a great system for larger Hotels and offices that require the flexibility of being able to use a mixture of phones. 
Empowered with the latest SIP technology and packed with extensive productivity applications, the KX-TDE100/200 OneNet IP-PBX Is designed for a medium to large business up to 256 users The Panasonic KX-TDE OneNet IP PBX series are advanced communications platforms for IP networking environments. Supporting SIP connectivity for desktops and networks, the system supports a range of digital and IP proprietary system-phones and standard analogue handsets. 
A straight forward and smooth migration path is available to upgrade existing KX-TDA systems to the KX-TDE OneNet systems by simply replacing the main processor card (IPCMPR) to take advantage of all the new features and benefit from true convergence. 
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